About Guanajuato Supermarket

Our Story

It was the beginning of 1999, when Mr. José Arreguín had a vision, which led him to consider venturing into the Mexican supermarket business. Dedicating himself to serving our Hispanic community with special affection to his compatriots from the state of Guanajuato, the state where he was born. Always counting on the support of his wife and partner. Although they faced difficulties in the beginning, they collaborated together with enthusiasm and creativity and created satisfactory in the supermarket business.

His first goal was to find a team of workers made up of knowledgeable professionals familiar with the industry from managers to cleaners. After a short scrutiny, the store’s progress was achieved through a group of loyal and motivated employees. The next step was started with a foundation for our clients: the best attention and dedication, good service, and excellent prices; the best possible product quality with the most extensive assortments in groceries, meats, fruits, vegetables, and to provide different services for your benefits. Our next step was to find an appropriate name for our supermarket and after analyzing different possibilities we finally decided to call it Guanajuato Supermarket.